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This is a genealogy site for the descendants of Charles David McAnally (1685 - 1740) born in Scotland and died in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, USA.

Besides McAnally, common surnames on this site include Salas, Starr, Batte, Bowden, Garcia, Keller, Joyce, Kitchen, and many others.

To search for an individual, enter their name in the boxes in the upper right corner of this page and click on the arrow. It is okay to enter just their first or last name, and it is also okay to only include part of a name (for instance, enter "McAna" to search for McAnally).

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Please feel free to contact me with comments, corrections, additions, questions, or just to say hello to a distant cousin. My email address is oscar at mcanallyclan dot com. You can Register for a User Account and ask me to send you a login for the site. There is much to enjoy here without a login, but a login will allow you to view even more information. I would especially love to hear from you if you have old family photos, letters, obituaries, newspaper clippings, or other information -- including new additions to the family tree.

I hope that you enjoy your visit and look forward to hearing from you.

Oscar McAnally